In Apples Battle for Supremacy in the Payment Ecosystem, Bitcoin Will Win

Apple is internally expanding tests of its new Apple Pay Cash feature, thus further intensifying the battle for the supremacy of the mobile payment ecosystem. Moreover, Bitcoins advances and Apples latest efforts further underscore the obsolescence of the banking industry. Bitcoin, Apple, and Peer-to-Peer Payment Solutions Apple is enhancing its Apple Pay application by adding the Apple Pay Cash feature to facilitate person-to-person money exchanges. According to Apple&8217s website You can

Wikileaks Donations Now Worth Over $22 Million Thanks to Recent Bitcoin Price Surge

In a recent tweet the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, stated that the Bitcoin donations that Wikileaks has received are now worth more than $22 million. Assange &8216My Deepest Thanks&8217 Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange have been all over the news in the last couple of years. The most recent leaks published by Wikileaks were the 2016DNC email leaks, which according to political experts, heavily influenced the 2016U.S. elections. In a recenttweet, the foundernRead MorenThe

Evolve Markets Announced the Launch of The Box FX and Metals Matching Engine

St. Vincent, and the Grenadines-based FOREX trading platform Evolve Markets, has announced the launch of &8216The Box,&8217 a new, advanced FX and metals matching engine. Note This is a press release. The new matching engine will provide the platform with higher levels of liquidity and improved execution speeds. Evolve markets, already known for its ultra-fast transaction speeds, looks to maintain its reputation in this area with the upgrade. Since The Box was implemented, the platformnR