Ethereum Prices Stable Ahead of 06:00 UTC Hard Fork

The world’s second-largest blockchain community is taking things steady ahead of Monday’s highly anticipated upgrade. At present, there is no indication that any market participant will reject the Byzantium upgrade once Ethereum hits block 4,370,000, which is scheduled to occur around 6:00 UTC. ETH/USD Price Levels Ether prices rose by as much as 4% on […]<br />The post Ethereum Prices Stable Ahead of 06:00 UTC Hard Fork appeared first on The Bitcoin News – Leading Bitcoin and Crypto News since 2012.

Inspeer Announces ICO Start Day for its Inspiration Through Peer to Peer

inspeer logo16 Oct 2017 – Inspeer, inspiring through peer to peer, announces its ICO, scheduled for 6 November, 2017. The project aims to provide an alternative decentralized lending solution to individuals and small businesses using the innovative blockchain technology. With the rapid advancement of blockchain technology and a fundamental shift away from traditional lenders being the dominant intermediary in the lending industry, peer to peer lending is gaining momentum as the next evolution in the financial services sector. Inspeer is one of very few organizations who recognized the additional utilities of both blockchain and cryptocurrency. As such, they have developed a platform