Bitcoin Price Watch; $5,000 In Sight

Another day is about to draw to completion out of Europe in our bitcoin trading efforts and things are really starting to move now. When we covered the bitcoin price this morning, we noted that there was real potential for a break of the $5,000 level and that, if we do see this break, we … Continue reading Bitcoin Price Watch; $5,000 In Sight

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Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts are Confused Over the Bitcoin Gold Premine Date

TheMerkle Bitcoin Gold Premine ConfusionThe number of Bitcoin hard forks is quite astonishing, assuming one takes all the lesser-known coins into consideration. Bitcoin Cash is the only hard fork to stand on its own right now, though it remains to be seen if the same will apply to SegWit2x moving forward. Things are a lot less clear when it comes to Bitcoin Gold, as there is a lot of uncertainty as to when this fork takes place, to begin with. Bitcoin Gold Raises More Questions Than Answers A lot of people aren’t taking Bitcoin Gold seriously right now, which is not entirely surprising. This hard fork aims

Cryptocurrency Platform Bitlem Opens a Physical Trading Location in Mexico

TheMerkle Bitlem physical ExchangeWe have seen physical Bitcoin exchanges pop up in a few countries already. Although some companies mainly use physical locations for consultation services, things are a bit different with Mexico’s Bitlem exchange. The company actually allows customers to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum at a physical location in the heart of Mexico City. It’s an interesting concept, especially in a country where financial hardship has become the new normal. Bitlem Embarks on a new Venture Most people think of cryptocurrency exchanges as online platforms only. In most cases, consumers have to sign up with a website, send in documents to verify their identity, and

Worldcore Raises Over $5 Mln in the First Presale Days of its Upcoming ICO

Worldcore, the highly anticipated Blockchain Payment Institution continues a successful presale raise with over US $5 mln in contributions as of Monday, October 9th. Note This is a press release. Prague, Czech Republic &8211 October 9, 2017 &8211 The company has successfully begun a presale for accredited investors. Worldcore is offering 10 bonuses to early-birds for the next 5 days, ahead of their Initial Coin Offering on October 14, 2017. Aiming for full transparency throughoutnRead Mo

University of Melbourne Piloting Recipient-Owned Blockchain Records

The University of Melbourne has announced plans to pilot blockchain based certification and verification based scheme, allowing a private, secure and long-lasting way to verify their student&8217s credentials. The University of Melbourne is trialing a blockchain-based record keeping program, allowing recipients to both store their credentials and allow third party access for verification purposes.Learning Machine are behind the issuing system using the Blockcerts open source code developed b