What Is the Monero Mining Faucet?

TheMerkle Monero Mining FaucetVery few people actively operate cryptocurrency faucets these days. That isn’t just because the rewards are pretty small, but also that such projects mainly rely on donations from the community. Things are different in the Monero camp, as someone has come up with a decent use case for the Coin Hive script. The Monero Mining Faucet allows anyone to mine XMR through a browser for their own purposes. It is an interesting way of promoting Monero for the right reasons. The Monero Mining Faucet Embraces In-Browser Mining Half a dozen stories involving nefarious Monero mining scripts have surfaced on the internet over these

Charlie Lee Openly Opposes SegWit2x

TheMerkle Charlie lee Opposing SegWit2xDebates surrounding SegWit2x are heating up as the proposed activation deadline draws closer. Although a lot of people have no love lost for this scaling solution, a large part of the mining community still intends to support it. Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, is making it clear that he has no intention to support SegWit2x now or in the future. It will be interesting to see how things play out in this regard. Charlie Lee Doesn’t Approve of SegWit2x It is evident we will see more discussion of SegWit2x in the coming weeks. This scaling proposal has been considered highly controversial from