ToTheMoon Experiments With Optional In-Browser Monero Mining

TheMerkle Opt-in Monero MiningThe concept of mining Monero with one’s browser has received a very bad rap over the past few weeks. That isn’t a big surprise, mind you, as none of the solutions we saw come to market allowed users to opt out. Thankfully, there is at least one website on which this feature can be turned on and off depending on users’ preferences. In fact, it is disabled by default, which seems to be the smart decision from a long-term perspective. Making In-browser Mining an Option A lot of websites would gladly get rid of their traditional advertising models in favor of something that more people

Developer of Cryptocurrency Exchange B2Bx has Collected 1 mln EUR for pre-ICO

b2bx pro logoThe project of the first agregator of cryptocurrency liquidity B2Bx has finished pre-ICO with the originally  planned amount of 1 million EUR. The ICO period starts on October, 2nd and will last until November, 17th – minimum amount of acquisitions is 5 million EUR. The company will offer bonuses for token purchase for the first three weeks of ICO. The targeting for predominantly institutional investiors is the advantage of this platform comparing to other projects for digital assets trade. «We work with crypocurrencies for more than 3 years. We have started development of the smart exchange, which will allow to trade cryptocurrencies