Blockchain Asset Weekly (14 September 2017)

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New tokens listed on Gatecoin

Gatecoin is pleased to announce support for the following projects by listing their tokens on our exchange:

  • Aventus (AVT) — a protocol for a fairer, more secure and transparent event ticketing industry
  • Indorse (IND) — a professional social network built on ethereum
  • Lampix (PIX)* — a blockchain based image mining network for machine learning

All the above tokens can be traded with BTC and ETH.

*Will be traded as an IOU token until it becomes fully transferable on 19 September.

Trade AVT, IND & PIX

Déjà vu

Don’t pay attention to the fake news! China has and never will “ban bitcoin” or any other crypto-token for that matter. Seriously, these “journalists” need to take time to do some due diligence on their click-bait stories.

Yes, the PBOC announced a clear directive on ICOs but they haven’t published any new restrictions on the activities of crypto exchanges despite the rumors flying around the internet.

At the end of the day, none of this really matters. No government can prevent crypto-tokens from being traded nor blockchain technologies to be built and used by anyone, anywhere in the world with internet access.

The share of crypto-token trading activity among exchanges based in China is not what it once was and if further restrictions are in fact imposed on Chinese exchanges, this looks to diminish further. Therefore future bear runs sparked by the PBOC effect will have less impact on the bitcoin price.

Look, Jamie, face, bothered?

Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan’s CEO called bitcoin a “fraud” and said it was worse than tulip mania. Joon Ian Wong of Quartz dug into Dimon’s previous statements on bitcoin and concluded that when the bank CEO warns against the cryptocurrency, it’s usually a good time to consider buying some:

A former JPMorgan executive and Head of Global Macro, Alex Gurevich had this response for his ex-boss:

Weekly Blockchain Asset Performance Comparison (14 September 2017)

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Voices from our community

The 7 Things You Need To Know From The Valuing Cryptocurrency Conference Call — by Lou Kerner, Partner at Flight Ventures and Chameleon Collective.

Funding the Evolution of Blockchains — by Fred Ehrsam, Previously co-founder at Coinbase.

What we’ve been reading

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